Peaceful Divorce Solutions
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What you need to know about the different divorce options:
There is more than one way to get divorced. In fact, no matter where you are in the process, you can decide that you want to choose a different route. Here are the different ways:

Pro per/Pro se
In the Pro per/Pro se model, the parties act as their own counsel using prepared forms to file for divorce. This is the least expensive and simplest way to obtain a divorce. It is easy to make errors when doing it yourself. In these instances, the paperwork is rejected by the court and has to be redone.


Litigation is the most traditional way to seek a divorce. Each party retains a lawyer and the process becomes adversarial, most often ending up in court where a judge decides the issues of the divorce. This process can be very long and expensive. It is also usually a winner vs loser outcome.


With Mediation, the divorcing couple works with a mediator who acts as a neutral party not representing either party. The mediator facilitates problem solving aimed at reaching a negotiated agreement by helping clients understand issues, facts, and explore options. The mediator helps the couple reach agreements to resolve the issues of the divorce. This process is less expensive than an adversarial divorce and often a shorter process. Resolution can be very personal and the process is private and confidential. There is no court appearance. This process is very family oriented and can involve neutral specialists as needed, such as, financial experts or child therapists.


The Collaborative model utilizes the skills and backgrounds of an interdisciplinary team selected by the clients. This team works with the entire family, ensuring consideration of the couple’s needs, children’s needs, family financial needs, and the legal aspects of the case. The divorcing parties choose their team and are in control of the outcome. As they work through the issues of the divorce, the team is present to assist them. Even though there are more people involved, the process is usually less expensive and shorter than a litigated divorce. The team’s goal is to help the couple achieve a positive resolution and minimize the negative economic and social-emotional consequences families often experience in a litigated divorce process. Since collaborative is a no court divorce, if the couple decides to teminate the process, the entire professional team withdraws.
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