Peaceful Divorce Solutions
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Questions to ask yourself about your particular situation:
These questions can help you to decide whether your situation is suited for a mediated or collaborative divorce.
  • Can you work together for the sake of your children?
  • Can you talk about your finances?
  • Can you make important decisions without going to Court?
  • Are you more interested in moving on with your life than in perpetrating a marital battle in court?
  • Do you want your divorce to be private between you and your spouse and not have your relationship aired in public?
  • Do you want to end the emotional battle--the anger, upset, and fighting?
  • Do you want to be in control of your future and not dependent on who has the best attorney?
  • Do you want the cost of obtaining your divorce to be as much as 80% less?
Mediation or Collaborative Divorce provides a way to address the challenges of your separation or divorce in a non-adversarial process where you can select the professionals who help you through your divorce. A Mediated divorce consists of you and your spouse and your trained  mediator. If other specialists are needed, such as a certified divorce financial specialist, you can choose whom you would like to work with. Your mediator can help you with those decisions.

A Collaborative Divorce Team consists of two Collaborative Lawyers, one or two Divorce Coaches, a neutral Collaborative Financial Specialist and a neutral Child Specialist. Each of you selects your own Collaborative Lawyer and Divorce Coach. Together you select a neutral Financial Specialist and a Child Specialist. You will make your own decisions, create a plan for your children and a financial plan for the future.

Mediators, as well as Collaborative Divorce Teams, have specialized training to help you:
  • Learn better ways to communicate
  • Answer questions you have about divorce
  • Deal with difficult emotions
  • Make informed choices for the future
  • Address your parenting and time sharing concerns
  • Create a parenting plan
  • Develop a financial plan
  • Reach agreements
In a series of meetings with your mediator or members of your Collaborative Divorce Team, you settle your divorce without going to court. This takes less time and is also often much less expensive than a litigated divorce.
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