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Peaceful Divorce Solutions

Peaceful Divorce Solutions was founded by husband and wife team, Danny and Dawna Bentley. While spending 21 years in the banking and finance industry, Danny had many clients that required assistance with their long-term finances, post-divorce. He saw first-hand the painful emotions that accompany divorce, mostly due to financial uncertainty. In 2019, Danny became a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). After spending several years in the therapy field, Dawna became a trained mediator in January, 2021.  Working side by side, Danny and Dawna provide a low cost alternative to hiring a lawyer.

When couples have to make the difficult decision to separate, we helps our clients navigate the divorce process by introducing an amicable and equitable split of real estate, taxes, and retirement accounts before anyone signs a divorce decree.  Our mediation process provides a safe environment to facilitate communication between both parties and guides couples and/or individuals through their divorce to provide peace, security, and clarity.  Our goal is to help you be the best divorced family you can be, because you’re still a family.  Divorce doesn’t have to be costly, ugly and emotionally damaging. It CAN be done DIFFERENTLY.

The Road To Financial Separation Can Be Difficult.

We Navigate It For You.